All About Me

This is a thought out blog where I finely balance opinion, facts and humour this way:

60% Opinion

3% Facts*

37% Humour



I am a German girl who lives in Cardiff, the capital of curry chips.

I fight many things, stereotypes, bad customer service but mostly bullshit, It’s all around us and many people have either given up or have joined the bullshit noise. Luckily, there are brilliant people like myself out there who definitely can change the world with a blog post. Well, at least I will make as much impact on the world as Facebook updates about the colour of your knickers helps fight cancer. Otherwise, I also talk about food too much so am putting my genius recipes on Saucy Pans, my food blog written with my friends.

Send me gifs because I hate watching videos.

Anywhoo, go read some of my funny stuff. I have, millions of times, while patting myself on the back with one hand and swirling some red wine in the other.

* may or may not be true, just Google it.


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