Escape rooms Cardiff review


If you’ve been to cocktail masterclasses before, played crazy golf and are now way too good at laser quest and are looking for new adventures, then there’s something very special in Cardiff for you.
Nothing will entice a group to work so well together than solving a mystery, just ask that famous Scooby gang.

2016 saw the rise of the escape games, live games in which you and your friends are locked in a room in real time with riddles to solve to escape the room within 60 mins.


Sounds intriguing? It very much is!
Having played a locked in a room game on my phone obsessively I was jubilant when these live games started to spring up all around Cardiff.

Escape Rooms Cardiff was one of the first of its kind here in the heart of Wales. Located in the former Founder’s Hub by St Mary Street, it offers several live escape games, all themed differently, ranging from fairly easy to super hard to crack.

The Escape rooms Cardiff team have done a stellar job in not only making an effort with the rooms themselves but also with the reception area and the overall feel of the building.

Me and my fellow hopeful escapees entered the “Finding Sherlock” room, with the mission to find Sherlock and therefore escape the room.
Staff are very friendly and explain the rules and safety regulation before you enter the rooms so you can have maximum fun with minimal to no bodily harm, touch wood.

They also watch you during your game in order to give you clues should you need them.

Entering the Sherlock room, I thought the décor was well thought out and it really felt like you were plunged back in time.

Our tasks included finding combinations to open several locks for boxes and cupboards in which further clues were placed.
Following this pattern, you eventually find out where Sherlock is and thus finish the game.

Who is it for?

This is for people who really like thinking outside the famous box, and who have a keen eye for detail.
Team work here is vital as it is quite hard to solve all riddles on your own.

Many twists and some really gasp-out-loud moments later, we managed to escape with 11 mins to spare.

The whole atmosphere was tense and full of excitement. We had little celebrations when new clues were unlocked and feverishly, we edged closer to the end and luckily found Sherlock in time.

The other two rooms include “The Tomb”, an Egyptian themed room with a lower difficulty level, and “The Heist” room which splits your group up and is the hardest on the difficulty chart.

“Finding Sherlock” is somewhere in the middle of those.
This is a definitely a crowd pleaser, especially if your crowed loves putting on their thinking caps and enjoy the tension from racing against time.

Wicked fun and definitely an entertaining afternoon for groups, Escape Rooms offers a unique experience of being (Sher)locked up and actually enjoying yourself.
If you want to plan a group activity for your stag, hen or birthday party, this is certainly one that most people wouldn’t have heard of.
Highly recommended.
Twitter: @EscapevRoomsCF

Escspe rooms Cardiff have provided me with a free game however my review was honest and I was not obliged to write positively.


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