5 Business Buzzwords and Phrases Everyone Hates and Uses

For anyone working in the glamorous world of Media and Digital will be all too familiar with meetings where half the content consists of made up words and the other half getting the powerpoint working properly.

I often stop listening to the point someone makes when they use unnecessarily buzzy words instead of the more obvious ones because they must think their point is so weak it needs an injection of superfluous words to help it along.

I listed the worst ones in my opinion as they either lost all its meaning or make no sense.

1. Engage

Previously a word only used by loved up couples and toilet cubicles, it has now crept into the marketing world to represent… what exactly? I guess getting involved, in the ‘community’ and ‘audience’ however for most it is a word used to pretend an inanimate piece of content could possibly jump out of screen and take the reader on a consumer heavy adventure. For Social Media experts (who think because they tweet a lot, they are experts) it means responding to complaints, RT some semi related things and promoting whatever it is they sell. I can’t think of something less engaging than a call centre disguised as a Twitter account.


I have 2 new followers! Oh wait, I lost 7.

2. Sanity Check

Formerly known as double checking something, a sanity check is for those compulsive business types, convinced they made a mistake and it needs to be checked, checked and checked again because otherwise they go insane, or so they want us to believe. In reality it’s the word used by the people who then pass it on, err I mean delegate to the lesser people to actually make sure it’s right…

business man

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have asked Carol to sanity check this after she just came back from being signed off work for mental health reasons.

3. Futureproof

Nonsensical in itself, futureproving (or futureproofing? i don’t know, the word doesn’t exist) it means making sure whatever work you do will also solve a problem that might come along in the future. seems legit? Well, I wonder what person would deliberately not include this future problem solving extra to a product or service when they seem to think that there definitely will be a problem in this vague, scary future. I don’t know about you but for me that’s creating a good and viable product, no “futureproofing” needed.

business man laptop

I’ve designed this website, but it will destroy itself in 5 weeks time. It’s not very futureproof, soz.

4. Parking it

A word that in business means: Shut up.

There’s no tactful way of cutting off your work colleague or employees and you don’t want to come across as the big bad boss, so you use an automobile analogy. It suggests we will come to it later and hopefully drive full pelt into the dreamy business future… Or in reality, it will never come up again in a meeting.


Shut up, Bill.

5. Moving Forward

“From now” or “in the future” but I guess that wasn’t business-y enough. Moving forward, we will be using more business words to engage with our target audience, this will futureproof our product and everything will be awesome. –This brief needs to be sanity checked before it is circulated internally and off and online to all channels.


Guys? How do I set my out of office?



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