The Worst of Men’s Fashion Right Now

There are a lot of things wrong these days and there are worse things than what  I’m about to post but by ignoring it and dolefully accepting these crimes, we will never learn and better ourselves.

It’s like there was this rebellious group of men who did not want to accept that there wasn’t enough on a man’s body that can be accessorised without seeming too effeminate. Maybe they even thought “Hold on, so we tried earrings and necklaces and it seems like that sort of back fired and been taken over by stereotype latinos and Russian gangsters… and piercings are not for everyone, so what are we meant to do?!”

Then one of the omega boys said:

“Guys, let’s think outside the box here, what have we got that isn’t girly like? Hair? Our feet? I think I have an idea…”

And then this happened.


hair style

When your hair looks like a hat

More commonly seen on old fashioned depictions of asylum dwellers who had to undergo lobotomies, it has now come back to haunt every hip barber shop that somehow is also a coffee shop and a bagel place.

nurse ratched

Nurse Ratched does not approve.





Usually the desperate attempt by any short legged person to make their jeans fit, flashing one’s ankles is not only what Jane Austen characters do, clearly. Yes, why hide those beauties when you can show that you not only have that important joint between leg and foot but also that you’re sockless.

Or maybe they are just scared of floods.

millhouse trousers



Which also leads me to…


boat shoes

Boat shoes, to be worn not on boats.


Boat shoes. I suspect most of the boat shoes sold these days have never touched a boat deck. There sure are far uglier shoes than these but the fact that the people wearing them make a thing of rolling up their trousers to make them stand out more prominently has landed them on this list. Just imagine the smell of the feet that have been walking in these shoes without socks for hours. Just imagine it.

Don’t imagine it.





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