How Not To Handle Bad Press – The Sexism Edition!

Some of you might have read a story few months back about a company who were seemingly only employing attractive young women. The discovery of their staff page caused a lot of eye rolls, sighs, anger and amusement because it was blatantly obvious what the recruitment practice here was.

The staff page has since been removed but here is a screenshot so you get the idea:

cellular solutions

“Nice work, chaps!”

After getting a lot of negative press, accusing the senior management of being sexist, Cellular Solutions decided to take their staff page down and replaced it with this:

Everyone at Cellular Solutions would like to thank the many people, clients, partners, former staff and new friends who have given their support as we spent the last week correcting an inaccurate story about our dedicated staff.

The recent snapshot of our staff profile was taken out of context. We have employed men and women from varied backgrounds and all age ranges over the years and a snapshot at other times painted a different picture. In fact, many of the images promoted on the web as part of this story were not even connected to our company or staff. We are reassured that those who have used this opportunity to find out more about us know that we provide exceptional service to our clients through a team of dedicated, qualified and effective people who progress on merit and love their jobs.


While it seems quite nonsensical to call the nay sayers to have taken this whole thing out of context (it was their staff page with their choice of staff photos), maybe we did see sexism in a place where great managers identified exceptional skills in people who just happened to be attractive, young women.

Well, did they fuck.

What Cellular Solutions seems to forget is that the internet knows everything, especially when you put your company outings on Flickr

cellular solutions bikini

“We have employed men and women from varied backgrounds and all age ranges…to take part in Miss Cellular!”

That’s right.

They have had the Miss Cellular Solutions contest in which their staff was seemingly judged on their appearance, all just fun and games, right? While you may observe the men of CS dressed in either suits or in golf attire in other shots.

Well done, Cellular Solutions, you really have a handle on your own PR!




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