Radio Debut or How a 10 Min Conversation About Peanut Butter Sounds Like

Last Saturday I had the greatest of pleasure to be asked to come on a radio show on BBC Radio Bristol to briefly talk about food and bring in a food related item I am really passionate about.

The section was called “Show and Tell” which is funny considering no one can see anything. I could have brought an imaginary piglet if I wanted to.

“Hah, yes, I am very passionate about little sucklings and their delicious flesh once rotated over an open fire for hours…”

I brought in a jar of peanut butter. Why? I like it very much and probably more than you. I wish I could smear it into each and every crevice of my body each morning but that would neither be practical nor seemly. But I might get to the station quicker with my greasy body.

peanut butter

Only use smooth for greasing up, trust me.

Instead of saying the above out loud on air, I did my best to sound professional. You can have a listen here, I can be heard from 2 hours and 49 mins in.

BBC Radio Bristol with Phil Hammond and me!



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