Zenema – The Art of Decluttering Your Life

There are certain things in life you can do without:

Train tickets that don’t work in the machine, a charger cable that’s slightly too short for comfort and also most of the content in your bedside drawer.

bedside drawer

The usual crap

The problem we have as a whole is either buying stuff we don’t need and also attaching sentimentality to objects, as well as, you know, laziness.

But when you move house, it’s the perfect time to declutter your space and get rid of those t-shirts you will never wear again. The trouble of storing things to have a look through every 2 years and get nostalgic over is not worth the hassle of packing all that shit or storing it somewhere where it can quietly rot.

Having moved pretty much once or sometimes twice a year in the last 6 years I’ve been living in the UK, I have learnt one thing, owning things is a massive pain in the ass. Even if it isn’t fragile, you still have to find a box to put it in, and sometimes things are just damned awkward to pack.

This time, my move is rather big, bigger than any move I’ve ever done in the UK. I’m moving from a shared house in Bristol to a 1 bed flat in Cardiff, in with my boyfriend. Mr Config has kindly made lots of space for me but realising that there is no way any of my cute single girl stuff will match the grown up flat we are having, I decided to do the best thing and give away most stuff of mine for free.

Mr Config coined it “Zenema” as you feel incredibly more and more free the more clutter you push through and out of your metaphorical colon that is your life. Mmmmhmm.

This is me and boyfriend. No it isn't. (Yes it is)

Me and boyfriend. No it isn’t. (Yes it is)

Having made a pile of things that are definitely going to the skip and a pile of, too good to throw away, too rubbish to keep, I managed to produce 10 rubbish sacks full of stuff I didn’t want. Now that sounds like an insane amount and I agree, but unlike what you imagine, my room is tiny and you wouldn’t have guessed that much were hiding everywhere.

For the stuff I wanted to give away, I made a little event where I invited friends to come and take all hey desired and have a drink with me. And so they did, oh boy, did they take and drink. Most of my stuff was gone by the end of the night and all booze in the house was drunk. It was nice to be able to give something practical and fun to my friends while equally making my life easier bit by bit.

I also had 3 pieces of furniture to give away and within about 1 hour of it appearing in the Gumtree freebie section, those were also taken.

I must say, this zenema was very addictive and I ended up throwing away more than I had planned, All good though, I now have 4 boxes and some sacks of clothes to move and that’s it!

Go have your own zenema party and rid yourself of sentimental crap you don’t need to remind you what a great time you had that one time… That’s what Facebook Year in Review is for, hehe.

Miss Config


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