Why Every Girl Should Date a UX Designer

UX chocolate

I ❤ UX

Everyone’s fed up trying to find someone who is attentive, kind and thoughtful. It seems like thoughtfulness is one of the more rare qualities like taxidermy, we all want to be able to give life to cute woodland creatures by stuffing them and replacing their eyes with marbles, but alas, it’s one to admire from afar rather than one you have close by (unless you stuff animals as a job, not applicable to you then).

But how can you find these rare qualities when you have to trudge through thousands of idiots on dating sites and your wider social circle? Do you really have to get into a 2 year relationship with someone to realise that after all this time, he still doesn’t know you friggin’ hate coriander?!

Well, there are some  methods in choosing the right beau for you my friends and I am not talking about filtering down your sad pool of admirers.


Honestly, I wouldn’t even know this if it didn’t happen to me, but the key to finding an attentive and thoughtful boyfriend is to date a UX Designer!

UX stands for “User experience”, it is someone’s job out there to understand how a website is perceived by the visitor, spot faults, fix, them, making the whole experience a delight. This requires attention to the minute of details, I’d go as far as having an insight to people’s minds and psychology. Their job is pretty much catering to your stupid habits on the web and improving your overall life with ease of navigation and encouraging a long term engagement and for you to remain on the site as long as possible and solving problems, ahh these pesky problems…

In my book, that sounds pretty much exactly like the definition of being attentive to your partner.

They understand  you, and see things from your perspective. They will spot issues and it’s in their instinct to fix  them. They have a better insight  into your mind and cater to you stupid habits. They try to improve your experience and establish a long term engagement.

Now if that doesn’t read like a romantic requirement you would be able to find in at least the Metro, then I don’t know.


I believe UX designers do it better, Hastings

One morning my boyfriend went to work and put the telly on before he left. When I went into the living room I realised he had put it on Poirot, because I friggin’ love Poirot. Attention to detail.

Another time he brought with him some girl products because he knew I was due any day now. (Yeah, eww, get over it).

So don’t look at people’s clothes, their taste in film or music, check their job specs!

Maybe you should try it all and stalk your web department for suitable candidates*.


*I take no responsibility for failed relationships.


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