Why No One Loves You on Twitter

Lia Schopmeyer
Don’t worry, this is not another post where I will list things you shouldn’t do in certain places like Twitter.

This post covers it perfectly anyway.

No, this is more about how people take their Twitter far too seriously.

Life is a mystery and full of paradoxes. One of them is the fact that people are much more of a gobshite on the internet because they don’t have to shout their opinions directly into the person’s face while directly shouting it into the person’s face, minus the awkwardness and the social implications.

We are much more open about most things when it comes to voicing the personal online but at the same time, we have forgotten how very unimportant this online life should really be.

I don’t tend to share too personal things about myself on Twitter, mainly because there are a bunch of strangers and you know, I don’t know them. I therefore keep those things for other places like Facebook where I have a very limited amount of friends. Those who I trust and not every single random I once met on a night out (I have added weird people in the past but they were culled months after).

That’s how I work anyway, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to follow this.

What I don’t get however is how serious business Twitter can be. Fair enough if your friend decided to just delete you without warning on FB but since Twitter is a fast moving little universe in itself, designed to communicate and share and not necessarily to maintain your friendships, should you really worry about who unfollowed you?




Twitter as a place is limited to 140 characters…for a reason. I hate reading 5 tweets about the same subject, posted one after the other because it isn’t the place to write your ranty manifesto. Keeping your followers in mind you gotta ask yourself, “Would they be happy to see my avatar about 7 times in a row about some shit they didn’t experience by someone who they never met?”.

The answer is mostly no.

You may think “Well fuck you then, just unfollow me if you don’t wanna read my 18 epiphanies a day!”

Gladly, but will they be butthurt about this?


Should I care?


It’s the problem the internet has created, everything is personal while nothing is too personal to share.

So what’s my point?

Point is, unfollowing you doesn’t mean I hate you and your cat, get over yourself.





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