The Death of Memes And Why You Killed Them

Lia Schopmeyer
I get it. I have a meme type image as my Twitter background, It’s the “Not sure if…” one or, it’s simply Fry from Futurama. I do like some…

I first discovered memes, or advice animals some years ago when they made their journey from 4Chan to places like Livejournal where I actively blogged about how much I hate my life, just like every other teenager (or grown up sometimes).

They were funny and part of the fun was that they did not make sense and the concept was so vague and not tangible that you either got it or not.

I loved this one very much

Bad advice puppy

They were predominantly massive in-jokes for internet folk. But like most things, once they spread and turn into things even your parents have heard of, it’s time to stop them.

And this isn’t to say I am the elitist funny police telling you what’s good or not, I am just telling you that eating pasta every single day is fucking boring and that’s how I feel with memes. I love them but mostly, I hate them and that’s not because of what they represent but because some idiot thinks they are being funny and creative.

What’s more irritating than seeing the same ones over and over again on your feeds is when people use them in unrelated contexts such as an online guide or blog post to add “humour”

I touched upon that here in my The WORST List Posts on The Internet. It ain’t enough!

Meme has become a word that describes anything visual and funny on the internet now, with huge categories like advice animals, rage faces and demotivators (though those are becoming less and less frequent now).

We even have generators for you to handily make your own, very funny one to post on your Facebook and harvest 4 likes.

They are also convenient for businesses to seem funny and on the pulse of your fucking Zeitgeist or whatever on social media accounts. It’s when boring marketing bitches sit at their desk with a half eaten Graze box and go: “Oh, Bex, I have this great idea for a picture to post with our boring news about our boring business on Facebook!”



It’s definitely when businesses jump on the newest trends to promote their shit is when you should abort, abort, abort.

I guess memes are much easier and cheaper to generate than infographics (lol where are they now? Having a drink with QR codes).



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