Ben Affleck for Batman and Why it Won’t Matter

Lia Schopmeyer
Twitter this morning was a delight, I saw many tweets complaining about the announcement that Ben Affleck (Daredevil, Gigli) will be playing Batman in the upcoming sequel in the rebooted Superman franchise Man of Steel.


A lot of people were incredibly skeptic as Affleck is not exactly the cream of the crops when it comes to acting. I never took him seriously until he started directing. Gone Baby Gone wasn’t bad but Argo is really what did it for me. Affleck was someone who had talent, I thoroughly enjoyed that film.

But with his past superhero role as Daredevil, he didn’t gain many fans but here’s why it won’t matter if he plays Batman in the new Zach Snyder film or not:


It was GOD AWFUL and one of the worst films I’ve seen this year.

I felt like I was watching a 2 hour long trailer. I was left quite unmoved and very bored.

I am hoping that Snyder will find his footing with this franchise because I know he can do well. His Watchmen is my favourite superhero film and I trust he can turn things around for Superman. But because Man of Steel was so bad, I have no hopes for its sequel and if the film is as bad or worse than the first, well, that will probably not be Affleck’s fault.


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